January Sponsor Shout Out

Only a couple more weeks left of January, how crazy! This month I have had some super rad sponsors! Make sure you check out their shops and blogs, and give a little handmade love! xo

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Kiser Krafts makes unique and wonderful plushies from socks. Kelly also crochets, and is working on a rad collaboration with Cody from Lu & Ed. These awesome hats are open for pre-order with 50% of the sales being donated to Drumm Farm. http://drummforkids.org . Also, if you are looking for some cute Valentine’s Day decor, Kelly just listed this gorgeous crocheted bunting….that I might go buy after I type this post up….Kelly also does an awesome handmade link up on her blog weekly, so make sure to check it out if you have a handmade shop!

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Hamburke is a cute shop carrying hair bows, ponytail ribbons, crocheted baby items and reusable sandwich bags and wraps. I’m in love with these crocheted baby booties! Too bad I don’t know anyone having a baby, because they would make the perfect gift! Also, just in time for Valentine’s Day, these crocheted heart clips are just darling!

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Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.25.06 PM Common Room is a blog/podcast run by some rad ladies, where they talk about all things Pop Culture, Food, Fitness, and Fashion. Check out this awesome take on Cauliflower Soup. These are also the go to gals for recreating Effie Trinket looks from The Hunger Games. I loved that they had different looks for different skin types and budgets! Lots of super fun posts, so check them out!

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Violet’s Buds is an eco-friendly handmade accessories store, overflowing with cuteness. I love all her new hoop art, it’s such a fun and creative way to decorate! Of course I like to brag about my sushi hair clip, you can get your own here. Also, take a look at her awesome blog overflowing with handmade goodness and fun contributor posts. If you have a handmade shop and would like to be featured, you can sign up here!

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My Craftily Ever After is an awesome blog by Ashley full of crafts and recipes. If you are a football fan, she has a great post about Superbowl Party foods, with a super cute set up. She also has a great collection of crafty projects in an archive, making it easy for you to find a weekend project. Don’t forget to check out the yummy recipes! I can’t wait to try out a couple of them soon!

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Little House of Crafting is one of my favorite stores to buy little geek gifts for myself! Toni makes perler bead art and pinbacks/magnets. If you have a handmade shop, you can order custom buttons with your logo (which i recently did and they are awesome!). I know she is working on perler bead kits, where you can make your own perler art at home! Can’t wait for those! She also features handmade geeky shops on her blog, check it out!

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Be sure to check out all these lovely ladies blogs/shops! Thanks for supporting handmade! xo.

PS I have sponsor spots on my blogger, but wanted to show some love on this site too.


Scrawny Girl Shop Update: Holiday Edition

I’ve been super busy working on new products, sketching out new ideas, and just enjoying being creative. I am also in a super festive mood, even though I have not busted out the holiday decorations yet! 
I added a few holiday items to the shop. Each item is handmade and super cute!

You can grab 3 original watercolored illustrations that all my Christmas items are based on, in my shop. They are all of girls wearing glasses, getting into the holiday spirit!

Here is an example of one of the cards. I cut each card, illustrated, then colored with watercolor pencils. I love how fancy the inside of the envelopes are!

Today I experimented with shrinky dinks, and made an ornament using these fun illustrations. I plan to make a few more to add to the shop later this week.
I’ve been working on a few more fun items including a few screenprinted totes and tees with my Scrawny Girl logo. I’m hoping to get those ready before the big Cyber Monday Sale! 
I’m also working a few Harry Potter and Bee & Puppycat sketches. Not sure yet if they will turn into paintings.
Is there something you would like to see more of in the shop? Something I could try and illustrate? Let me know!

Handmade Fav: Kiser Krafts

In an effort to promote handmade this holiday season, I am featuring some of my fav handmade shops. Please check out these amazing shops and support handmade!

Kiser Krafts is a fun and quirky handmade shop selling one of a kind items, from sock creations to crocheted goods.


One of my favorite things about this handmade shop is the “one of a kind” factor. Each adorable product is so unique that you won’t find another like it in her shop or anywhere else!

Each of the Pets and Creatures made by Kiser Krafts has a cute little biography, giving them their own personalities. They are great sensory play of imaginary fun for children of all ages.

This rad handmade shop also likes to be green, by using a recycled filling of scraps. Also, upcycling socks into something fun and huggable is the cutest idea!
There are so many cute gift ideas to choose from in the Kiser Krafts shop. These crocheted Yellow Guy Hats are perfect for any toddler…or adult! If you’re like me and don’t have time to finish any of your crocheted gifts, there are plenty of cute scarves, hats, and gloves to choose from in the Winter Wear section of her shop.
This week Kiser Krafts is having a cute giveaway on her blog because it’s her shops 1 year anniversary! So hop over, sing a little birthday song, have some cake, and enter to win Birthday Ryan Lion!
Keep up with the latest on Kiser Krafts here:
Kiser Krafts is also a participant in the Cyber Monday sale! Don’t forget to check out her shop and mark your favorites!

That’s What She Said Sunday

Today we had loads of fun playing with the ShopKick app and taking Amelia about town with us. Right now, we have a fussy girl, but it seems the swing we bought today is calming her down…cross your heart and kiss you elbow that something works soon, her little tears break my heart.