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I wanted to return some love for everyone who has been kind enough to support me! It means a lot that you take the time to read my blog, follow and like posts on Facebook, talk to me on Twitter, and buy my creations.
Please use the code FBlove to get 20% off anything in my shop! Thank you again for being awesome and supporting handmade and the arts!

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I have moved this blog back to blogger, and I am now taking advertisers. I am offering a awesome 60 day ad for the holiday season for only $5! Head on over and check it out!

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Scrawny Girl Shop Update: Holiday Edition

I’ve been super busy working on new products, sketching out new ideas, and just enjoying being creative. I am also in a super festive mood, even though I have not busted out the holiday decorations yet! 
I added a few holiday items to the shop. Each item is handmade and super cute!

You can grab 3 original watercolored illustrations that all my Christmas items are based on, in my shop. They are all of girls wearing glasses, getting into the holiday spirit!

Here is an example of one of the cards. I cut each card, illustrated, then colored with watercolor pencils. I love how fancy the inside of the envelopes are!

Today I experimented with shrinky dinks, and made an ornament using these fun illustrations. I plan to make a few more to add to the shop later this week.
I’ve been working on a few more fun items including a few screenprinted totes and tees with my Scrawny Girl logo. I’m hoping to get those ready before the big Cyber Monday Sale! 
I’m also working a few Harry Potter and Bee & Puppycat sketches. Not sure yet if they will turn into paintings.
Is there something you would like to see more of in the shop? Something I could try and illustrate? Let me know!

Handmade Fav: Kiser Krafts

In an effort to promote handmade this holiday season, I am featuring some of my fav handmade shops. Please check out these amazing shops and support handmade!

Kiser Krafts is a fun and quirky handmade shop selling one of a kind items, from sock creations to crocheted goods.


One of my favorite things about this handmade shop is the “one of a kind” factor. Each adorable product is so unique that you won’t find another like it in her shop or anywhere else!

Each of the Pets and Creatures made by Kiser Krafts has a cute little biography, giving them their own personalities. They are great sensory play of imaginary fun for children of all ages.

This rad handmade shop also likes to be green, by using a recycled filling of scraps. Also, upcycling socks into something fun and huggable is the cutest idea!
There are so many cute gift ideas to choose from in the Kiser Krafts shop. These crocheted Yellow Guy Hats are perfect for any toddler…or adult! If you’re like me and don’t have time to finish any of your crocheted gifts, there are plenty of cute scarves, hats, and gloves to choose from in the Winter Wear section of her shop.
This week Kiser Krafts is having a cute giveaway on her blog because it’s her shops 1 year anniversary! So hop over, sing a little birthday song, have some cake, and enter to win Birthday Ryan Lion!
Keep up with the latest on Kiser Krafts here:
Kiser Krafts is also a participant in the Cyber Monday sale! Don’t forget to check out her shop and mark your favorites!

Handmade Fav: Peluaz by Red

Please note I am blogging at now
In an effort to promote handmade this holiday season, I am featuring some of my fav handmade shops. Please check out these amazing shops and
support handmade!

Pelhuaz by Red is a chic handmade jewelry store that specializes in simple everyday jewelry.
(+)One of my favorite things about Pelhuaz by Red’s jewelry is the simple, yet beautiful aesthetic. Each piece is like a small token of happiness.

A great gift idea or stocking stuffer are the charm bracelets. They are fun and can be worn alone or stacked.


Pelhuaz by Red has an awesome selection and variety of great pieces to choose from for any occasion.


They pride themselves on customer satisfaction. I love a company that stands behind their product, and has amazing customer service.


Make sure you load up on these cute accessories for everyone on your Christmas list!You can find Pelhuaz by Red here:

Twitter: @pelhuazCheck out Peluaz by Red in the Cyber Monday Sale!


Handmade Fav: Lu & Ed

Handmade Fav is a weekly series where I showcase some of my favorite handmade shops and products. Please check out these amazing shops and support handmade.
Lu & Ed is an amazing eco-friendly shop that specializes in toy storage solutions, friendly monsters for every occasion, and fun collaborations with other artists to help support various charities.


One of my favorite things about Lu & Ed’s products, is that they are all produced using recycled materials. All materials get used and recycled, leaving them with no landfill waste! They even go the extra mile and use recycled packaging. Every step of the process is as green as can be, and this makes me love this shop even more!


These big and little Mon-stor’s each have their own little cute story. How could you not love toy storage that enjoys disco or adores penguins?!

I want to buy one of these for everyone I know! You can store all sorts of stuff in them: toys, laundry, diapers, video games….you name it, you can store it in your one of a kind Mon-stor!


Protecting all your gadgets and gizmos just got cuter, with Gadget Mon-stors!


I hope to someday join Team Lu & Ed, and help change the world! Team Lu & Ed is a collaboration with other artists to make a limited edition product, where the proceeds are donated to charity. How cool is that?

Lu & Ed creator/founder, Cody, also came up with an awesome Cyber Monday Sale for handmade Storenvy shop owners! I am participating along with 50 other shops! Check out what’s the what here, and start your Christmas window shopping before the BIG SALE!

  You can find Lu & Ed here: