Creative Space

I was recently asked to share my creative space on Talk 2 The Trees blog, and thought I would share where the magic happens here. My creative space is technically supposed to be our guest bedroom, but I moved the bed out. It’s filled with all sorts of crafting supplies…almost to hoarder territory….

studio2 studio1 sewingtable

Most of my furniture is found or vintage, and by found I mean left in my garage. Finders keepers. 😉

My prized possession is the Dolly Parton drawing my mother found for me at a garage sale down the street while visiting. I have lots of gig posters for my husband’s band Thrift Store Cowboys, some done by Dirk Fowler who is super rad.






My husband caught me working on the side of the room I didn’t take pictures of because it is a super hot mess. I’m pretty messy, but it’s how I function. If it’s too clean and organized I can’t find anything.

What does your creative space look like? Leave a link, I’d love to check it out!


6 thoughts on “Creative Space

  1. This is so cute! I love that it’s messy. Usually when I work I start out with my space all neat and organized, but it quickly gets to be a bit of a disaster. My work space is actually, more often than not, the couch because I watch Netflix on the TV while I knit or write. I’ve always had a tendency to start “nesting,” so I often end up with all my supplies around me while I leave an empty space on the couch so I can sit. It’s kinda funny.

    • I did that before Amelia was mobile and into everything. Sometimes I try to work at the kitchen table but I make such a mess that when people come over I end up throwing everything in ‘my’ room making it hard to get started back in what I was working on. Lol. I’m a hot mess.

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