The Dollhouse: Rainbow Brite

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Since it’s almost Halloween I thought I would share a true scary story with you all….

Growing up I thought my house was haunted. I thought I saw a Victorian girl living in the hall mirror, on occasion I thought I saw a couple of ghosts floating down that same hallway while I lay on my top bunk staring out…petrified.

I shared a room with my little sister, and we kept our lights dimmed some when sleeping. Keep in mind this was the 1980’s and dimmer lights were cool. I slept with my Rainbow Brite doll on my Rainbow Brite sheets…and really it was Rainbow Brite everything.

One night as I’m staring at the hallway and not being able to sleep, I look over at my Rainbow Brite doll with her painted on eyes and they blink up at me. She had the most wicked smile on her face, prompting me to throw her to the ground. Thankfully she landed face down. In the morning I checked her out, but her eyes were just painted on. Freaked out I never played with that doll again, and I’m still petrified of Rainbow Brite to this day.

I’m not sure if I ever told my mom what happened, but I quickly moved on to Beauty and the Beast everything and got rid of my Rainbow Brite everything.

Did you ever think your house was haunted growing up?


6 thoughts on “The Dollhouse: Rainbow Brite

  1. Good grief. That is terrifying. I love horror movies and TV, but the idea of ghosts and monsters actually existing is petrifying tp me.

    Rumour has it that my grandfather haunted my grandma’s (his old) house. I never saw him – others did – but that house always felt off to me. I hated staying the night and would not step foot in the basement.

  2. Aw, this makes me sad just because I think Rainbow Brite is cute. I can totally see how that would turn you off anything RB, though. It’s creepy.

    I didn’t think our house was haunted, even though it (and a few others in our family) totally could have been, but my dad does have a story in which I told him once that I saw my grandmother–who died like 20 years before I was born. But that’s the only good ghost story I’ve ever managed to collect.

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