Saturday Style Moodboard

Saturday Style Moodboard #5

This week our AC went out in the house and it was still in the 90s. Today a cold front came through and I’m bundled up with my coffee. We are hoping to take Amelia to the pumpkin patch soon. I can’t wait to take her pictures in the cute outfit her LaLa picked out for her.

This is my wacky outfit for going to the pumpkin patch. I definitely need a big bag, my camera, and a BIG coffee!

Something Yummy I’ve been making lots of yummy new crock pot recipes. Today I’m making chicken tortilla soup!

Something Disturbing Vampires on Supernatural. I don’t like their scary teeth! Give me Buffy vamps any day!

Something New I am having a SALE! on Halloween dolls in the shop!

Something I’m Watching We have 3 episodes left of Supernatural season 8! I really think it’s a conspiracy that if I buy something on DVD, the next week it appears on Netflix.

Are you watching Supernatural? Who is your favorite character? Mine is Charlie lol

If you want to play along and make your own Saturday Style Moodboard and let me know what you’ve been up to, leave a link in the comments. I love checking them out!


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