Saturday Style Moodboard

Saturday Style Moodboard #4

This weeks Saturday Style Moodboard is in preparation for going over to my friend T’s house to watch the premiere of Once Upon A Time. I am super excited!

I like to think this look is a little bit Emma with the leather jacket and Buddy Holly glasses, and a little bit Mary Margaret with the cute dress and flower crown (for my inner Snow White). Throwing in a bit of my own personal flair with the Chucks and crazy colored hair.

Something Yummy pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! Truthfully pumpkin everything is delicious!

Something Disturbing how much candy corn I ate this week!

Something New I ended up buying Amelia the cutest doll at Target! She loves giving it kisses. Eventually I will make her the perfect doll! She loves all the dolls I make, which makes me super happy!

Something I’m Watching Late at night when I’m working on dolls, I’ve been watching Season 2 of New Girl. I love that show! It cracks me up and I end up posting lots of quotes on twitter. Of course tomorrow I’ll be watching Once a Upon A Time.

Are you going to be watching OUAT? Who is your favorite character?

My favorite character is rumpelstiltskin and Hook, and I can’t wait to see Ariel!

If you want to play along and make your own Saturday Style Moodboard, and let me know what you’ve been up to, leave a link in the comments. I love checking them out!


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