Lucy LadyBird


I’m always looking for fun interactive books for Amelia. She seems to do better without paper to eat right now, so I’ve been getting apps and books on my iPad. We recently bought Lucy LadyBird by Sharon King-Chai, who used to design album covers for musicians like David Bowie and Blur. I was drawn to this book because the illustration on the cover reminded me of Eric Carle, who was one of my favorites to teach when I taught art lessons.


Amelia enjoys giving Fred Frog kisses, and the cute folksy song by Kristy Almeida and John Ellis that you can download on the website.


Lucy Ladybird is a wonderful story about friendship, sharing, and acceptance. Lucy takes her journey through the seasons, learning a valuable lesson on being different and the kindness of friends.


The artwork is beautiful, and the story is perfect for teaching. Amelia has to read this book before bed every night, and loves all the interactive features. You can learn more about Lucy Ladybird and get your own copy here.


2 thoughts on “Lucy LadyBird

  1. the illustrations are really wonderful and colorful šŸ™‚
    I’m working on some illustrations for children, I just love the the idea of creating colorful cute drawings that can also be used as a learning tool šŸ™‚

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