That’s What She Said Sunday



So maybe I’ve been watching a little too much New Girl. Maybe I identify way too much with Jess and her quirky awkwardness. And maybe I think this show is hilarious….I can also say that quote fits me to a “T”.

I know I’ve been judged too much in my life for liking cute things, and definitely for the way I dress. When I was in college, almost every professor I had told me my art work was too cute and that I needed to get more serious. Except that I am serious, serious about cute, and I can’t change a fundamental part of my personality because it doesn’t fit into the conventional artist mold in your head.

The good thing is I made it through college, cuteness intact. I met this great guy who totally understands my cuteness. For instance, I made ginger snap cookies for my husband to take to work. He told me his co worker asked why they were shaped like Scottie dogs? My husband told him, because she likes cute things. That’s why I married him, he gets me. 🙂

I am a big advocate for being yourself. It’s boring being like everyone else, and you’ll just be unhappy. So wear those cat ears to the FroYo place, dye your hair crazy colors, have a Hello Kitty themed bathroom in your house, or have a top hat you only wear to Hobby Lobby….whatever makes you happy. It’s your life, make the most of it.


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