Saturday Style Moodboard

Saturday Style Moodboard #3

My mission for this Saturday is to get myself to Hobby Lobby for some alone time. It’s been a rough week in the baby department with the worse case of diaper rash and the reason for it (believe me, you don’t want to know!). On this rare occasion, I hope to cut my bangs and possibly dye my hair a fun color. (Although I picked a random fun color to go with this outfit, I am actually dying it Enchanted Forest.)

I have this weird habit of dressing like a crazy person to go to Hobby Lobby. I even asked my husband for a top hat once and he asked where I would wear it…”Hobby Lobby of course!” was my answer. I never got the top hat, but I do have one of those equestrian riding hats, I wore it to make Thanksgiving dinner one year…

It’s been cooler in these parts, and I couldn’t be more excited! A nice long sleeved and short combo is your best bet when the weather can’t decide to pick a season. As it starts getting cooler I will start pairing tights with my shorts. I can’t leave home without my reusable tote and a million things in my purse that I possibly will never need or use…but I will eat that cupcake (am I the only person who goes around with a cupcake in her purse?).

Something Yummy:
This may sound weird, but my new Burt’s Bees Blueberry and Dark Chocolate chapstick smells so amazing that it’s yummy!

Something Disturbing: I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but baby diaper rash! I just let Amelia wander around naked it was/is that bad, and I think the coconut oil is helping. Cross your heart and kiss your elbow it gets better soon…

Something New: I am sponsoring over at Talk 2 The Trees, and I couldn’t be more excited! Check out her blog and Etsy shops! I just ordered a super cute crocheted hat from her that I can’t wait to wear. Rachael is also having an awesome Art Sale on original pieces!

Something I’m Watching: We’ve been watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and our copy of Supernatural Season 8 just came in the mail today!

What are you up to this weekend? If you want to play along with your own Saturday Style Moodboard, please leave a comment I’d love to check it out!


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