Saturday Style Moodboard

Saturday Style Moodboard #2

This weekend we have plans to visit the in laws at the ranch. It’s about a two hour drive, so I need my coffee and Twizzlers to survive. Other essentials include my knitting, my ipad for reading (internet is spotty), and a comfy pair of boots to walk around in. For someone who lives in Texas, you’d think I’d wear my cowgirl boots, but I’m a rebel (and I think they’re too heavy).

Something/one inspiring: Briana from Bikini Body Mommy! I just started her 90 day challenge and I am super sore, but it’s worth it. Briana is a huge inspiration who takes the time to interact and support her community. I can’t wait to get her books (they are sold out!). I will probably talk more about my experience as I get further into the challenge.

Something disturbing: How out of shape I am! Who knew how hard it would be to do a squat jump or push up at 30 (post baby!)!!

Something new: Dark Magic K-Cup from Green Mountain Coffee! It’s espresso-y and makes me think of Halloween.

Something I’m listening to: Sadly all I’ve heard this week is the music to Tinkerbell and Equestria Girls…but hopefully on the way to the ranch I can listen to something fun!


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