That’s What She Said Sunday



I’ve been searching high and low for You’ve Got Mail on DVD. I know I could just order it online, but I want instant gratification. I want to watch one of the cutest love stories of all time (in my opinion), and I want to watch it now!

The first time I watched You’ve Got Mail, actually took me several weeks because I was watching it on tv (before the dvr days), and I kept catching only the middle. Trying to watch this movie in its entirety came at a time when I needed a distraction. I would come home from work, pop some popcorn, and watch movies until time for bed. The next day I would do the same. I had just gone through a bad, but very needed break up, and a parting of friends. I wasn’t in much of a social mood, but this quiet time watching movies helped me deal. Eventually, I made new friends who led me to Clint.

Watching Kathleen and Joe fall in love gave me hope that there was someone special out there for me. I also happen to love every movie that Meg Ryan does. No matter what movie I’m watching, if she cries, I automatically cry too. Its a strange phenomenon.

I plan to order You’ve Got Mail on amazon soon, unless I magically find it here in town. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


4 thoughts on “That’s What She Said Sunday

  1. You’ve Got Mail is the greatest romantic comedy of the 1990s and it gets better with multiple viewings.
    I don’t care what the movie snobs say, it has an incredible warmth: from Tom and Meg, to the care-free soundtrack and the richly beautiful New York cinematography.
    In a world where book stores and AOL are almost extinct, You’ve Got Mail proves to be incredibly timeless.I hope you manage to find a copy soon.
    Have a great Sunday!

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