Halloween Wreath DIY

I have been trying to find the perfect Halloween wreath since fall stuff started hitting the shelves, but I didn’t want to pay $20 or more for one. I decided I could just make my own, but it had to be under $20 or what was the point?! I was inspired by these 2 wreaths, here and here.

I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby, when ribbon was half off and I used their 40% off one item coupon from the HL app.


Foam wreath form. (mine was 17″, but they come smaller or bigger)


Ribbon (I used a thick wire edged ribbon. I used one whole 18 yard roll and a smidge of a second roll)

Halloween Decorations of your choice (i picked 2 little monsters and a pumpkin, only a couple dollars each, and 40% off on top of that.)


Staple Gun

Glue Gun

Scrap Ribbon (optional)

Super Simple Wreath Tutorial Steps

Step 1


Using your staple gun, staple the edge of your ribbon to the backside of your wreath.

Step 2


Start wrapping your ribbon and pulling it tight. Every 3 to four wraps put a few staples into the back side to keep it from loosening as you go.


This is how far one roll of ribbon got me.

Step 3


When you’ve finished wrapping, keep a long tail of ribbon to make the loop for the door hanger.


Make the loop, with the end of your ribbon to the inside of your wreath.


This is how it should look from the side.


Add 3 staples with your staple gun to secure the ribbon.

Step 4


This pumpkin came on a little stick, which I broke 1/2 off and stuck through the ribbon and foam. The decorations that come on sticks are an easy way to decorate. You could stick some out of the top of the wreath too. (I added a bit of hot glue to the edges to stabilize the pumpkin.)

Step 5


Add a bit of hot glue to the back of your flat decorations, and glue to the front of your wreath.


Step 6


I tied a quick bow with some ribbon I already had at home to add a little pop of color.


I think you could do lots of fun things with this wreath, and any number or color combinations using ribbon. I almost thought to use all decorations on sticks, so I could remove them and put Christmas-y ones up in a couple months.

Happy Halloween! Let me know if you make a wreath for your home, I’d love to check it out!


Saturday Style Moodboard

Saturday Style Moodboard #4

This weeks Saturday Style Moodboard is in preparation for going over to my friend T’s house to watch the premiere of Once Upon A Time. I am super excited!

I like to think this look is a little bit Emma with the leather jacket and Buddy Holly glasses, and a little bit Mary Margaret with the cute dress and flower crown (for my inner Snow White). Throwing in a bit of my own personal flair with the Chucks and crazy colored hair.

Something Yummy pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! Truthfully pumpkin everything is delicious!

Something Disturbing how much candy corn I ate this week!

Something New I ended up buying Amelia the cutest doll at Target! She loves giving it kisses. Eventually I will make her the perfect doll! She loves all the dolls I make, which makes me super happy!

Something I’m Watching Late at night when I’m working on dolls, I’ve been watching Season 2 of New Girl. I love that show! It cracks me up and I end up posting lots of quotes on twitter. Of course tomorrow I’ll be watching Once a Upon A Time.

Are you going to be watching OUAT? Who is your favorite character?

My favorite character is rumpelstiltskin and Hook, and I can’t wait to see Ariel!

If you want to play along and make your own Saturday Style Moodboard, and let me know what you’ve been up to, leave a link in the comments. I love checking them out!

Unfinished Project: Wedding Scrapbook

I am by no means a scrapbooker. Sure I’ve bought more scrapbooking paraphernalia than a non scrapbooker needs, almost to point to being an official hoarder. I want to be a scrapbooker, but I get bored with it and the mess. For some reason, I can’t stop buying cute scrapbooking paper and stickers…


Clint and I have been married for 3 years and I’ve only finished a few pages in our wedding scrapbook….



I designed and pieced together our wedding invitation. We were going for a French country theme. We had our wedding in a meadow with the Amelie’ soundtrack being played by an accordion and fiddle player. It turned out pretty awesome, and went by in such a blur!




I even have pictures printed! I just sorta gave up. Scrapbooking makes my head hurt with trying to find the perfect layout and then there’s the whole not an undo button thing…

I did manage to make some mini albums that I gave away as gifts to Clint’s mom and Aunt Jenny for all their help with the wedding prep.


They were made out of Starbucks coffee coozies. I enjoyed making them more, probably because they were on a smaller scale that it made it easier to complete.

Are you a scrapbooker? Have you tried scrapbooking? Tell me your secrets on how you complete a whole scrapbook!

PS Photos of my wedding were taken by the very talented Brooke Dove. The few photos the day before the wedding were taken by my awesome friend Teresa!

Lucy LadyBird


I’m always looking for fun interactive books for Amelia. She seems to do better without paper to eat right now, so I’ve been getting apps and books on my iPad. We recently bought Lucy LadyBird by Sharon King-Chai, who used to design album covers for musicians like David Bowie and Blur. I was drawn to this book because the illustration on the cover reminded me of Eric Carle, who was one of my favorites to teach when I taught art lessons.


Amelia enjoys giving Fred Frog kisses, and the cute folksy song by Kristy Almeida and John Ellis that you can download on the website.


Lucy Ladybird is a wonderful story about friendship, sharing, and acceptance. Lucy takes her journey through the seasons, learning a valuable lesson on being different and the kindness of friends.


The artwork is beautiful, and the story is perfect for teaching. Amelia has to read this book before bed every night, and loves all the interactive features. You can learn more about Lucy Ladybird and get your own copy here.



This photo was taken yesterday. Poor Amelia has been under the weather the past few days, but is feeling much better today. I found that huge Pinkie Pie at Hobby Lobby. She lit up when I gave it to her, totally worth the $15 for a stuffed animal.

She’s been pretty much getting into everything, and is a very smart cookie. She figured out she can move things, like chairs or laundry baskets, and climb on top of them to reach things she wants. She also likes to help me fold laundry, which means she grabs and throws the clothes I’ve already folded. Her and Loki have been getting along, even though she is constantly trying to pull his tail or take his collar off. He has been very sweet and gives her lots of puppy kisses. I can’t believe she is already 9 months old! It’s crazy how time flies…..

That’s What She Said Sunday



So maybe I’ve been watching a little too much New Girl. Maybe I identify way too much with Jess and her quirky awkwardness. And maybe I think this show is hilarious….I can also say that quote fits me to a “T”.

I know I’ve been judged too much in my life for liking cute things, and definitely for the way I dress. When I was in college, almost every professor I had told me my art work was too cute and that I needed to get more serious. Except that I am serious, serious about cute, and I can’t change a fundamental part of my personality because it doesn’t fit into the conventional artist mold in your head.

The good thing is I made it through college, cuteness intact. I met this great guy who totally understands my cuteness. For instance, I made ginger snap cookies for my husband to take to work. He told me his co worker asked why they were shaped like Scottie dogs? My husband told him, because she likes cute things. That’s why I married him, he gets me. 🙂

I am a big advocate for being yourself. It’s boring being like everyone else, and you’ll just be unhappy. So wear those cat ears to the FroYo place, dye your hair crazy colors, have a Hello Kitty themed bathroom in your house, or have a top hat you only wear to Hobby Lobby….whatever makes you happy. It’s your life, make the most of it.

Saturday Style Moodboard

Saturday Style Moodboard #3

My mission for this Saturday is to get myself to Hobby Lobby for some alone time. It’s been a rough week in the baby department with the worse case of diaper rash and the reason for it (believe me, you don’t want to know!). On this rare occasion, I hope to cut my bangs and possibly dye my hair a fun color. (Although I picked a random fun color to go with this outfit, I am actually dying it Enchanted Forest.)

I have this weird habit of dressing like a crazy person to go to Hobby Lobby. I even asked my husband for a top hat once and he asked where I would wear it…”Hobby Lobby of course!” was my answer. I never got the top hat, but I do have one of those equestrian riding hats, I wore it to make Thanksgiving dinner one year…

It’s been cooler in these parts, and I couldn’t be more excited! A nice long sleeved and short combo is your best bet when the weather can’t decide to pick a season. As it starts getting cooler I will start pairing tights with my shorts. I can’t leave home without my reusable tote and a million things in my purse that I possibly will never need or use…but I will eat that cupcake (am I the only person who goes around with a cupcake in her purse?).

Something Yummy:
This may sound weird, but my new Burt’s Bees Blueberry and Dark Chocolate chapstick smells so amazing that it’s yummy!

Something Disturbing: I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but baby diaper rash! I just let Amelia wander around naked it was/is that bad, and I think the coconut oil is helping. Cross your heart and kiss your elbow it gets better soon…

Something New: I am sponsoring over at Talk 2 The Trees, and I couldn’t be more excited! Check out her blog and Etsy shops! I just ordered a super cute crocheted hat from her that I can’t wait to wear. Rachael is also having an awesome Art Sale on original pieces!

Something I’m Watching: We’ve been watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and our copy of Supernatural Season 8 just came in the mail today!

What are you up to this weekend? If you want to play along with your own Saturday Style Moodboard, please leave a comment I’d love to check it out!