Moodboard: Too Cute To Care


It seems like my tough girl side is showing in this month’s moodboard. So watch out, because I’m too cute to care!

*I’ve been craving sweets, and Pocky isn’t cutting it! I’ve had red velvet cupcakes and made some yummy brownies from scratch recently. I recommend everyone eat cake, whenever you want…even for breakfast (I do).

*Clearly I’m loving green hair! I just got mine dyed mint green, and its awesome! (Thanks Kristyn!) I’ve had my eye on Enchanted Forest from Manic Panic…maybe for fall. Also, I wouldn’t mind being a Blythe doll when I grow up! Have you seen Littlest Pet Shop?

*My life revolves around My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It’s Amelia’s favorite show! I think Pinkie Pie is her favorite (mine too). I want to draw a pony that looks like me. I wonder what my cutie mark would be?! What would your cutie mark be?

*I can never get enough Sailor Moon! I saw a box set of the first 6 manga the other day. I only have the first 4. Also, I saw on Instagram where someone wrote an after story arc and is selling it….but Chibi Usa is my least favorite character. My favorite character is hard to pick…probably Sailor Venus or Saturn. Who is your favorite character?

What kind of mood are you in?


2 thoughts on “Moodboard: Too Cute To Care

  1. I was just thinking last night that Pinkie Pie might be my favorite! Her and Fluttershy, I think. And my favorite Sailor Moon characters are Sailor Jupiter + all the cats. Because I love cats. Possibly too much.

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