On Repeat: Coeur de Pirate

Picture 7I stumbled upon Coeur de Pirate when I was pregnant and looking for French lullabies. I had seen on the internet that Beatrice Martin, the singer/pianist for Coeur de Pirate, had released a lullaby album, but it was not available on iTunes. That did not stop me from downloading her other 2 albums.

Picture 6I enjoy the sincere joyfulness in her vocals and the whimsical piano, taking you from subtle innocence to mature melodies. If you like French acoustic and piano driven pop songs, Coeur de Pirate is the perfect balance with a splash of whimsy. Both albums are colorful and charming, you will keep them on repeat like I have for months.

Here are a few of my favorite songs and their videos:

You don’t have to understand French to enjoy the music. Not understanding the lyrics helps me to get a feel for the music and focus on whatever creative project I happen to be working on.

What music do you have on repeat? Any music you’d like to recommend?


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