One-Girl Bicycle Club


Today I was excited to receive my One-Girl Bicycle Club zines in the mail. I just sat down with a cup of tea and read through all four issues.

This was my first time reading a zine, and now I’m intrigued. I love the freedom, honesty, raw emotions, and bravery that I found in Sonya’s writing. I can relate to many topics that she talks about in her zine from college to driving, and making/keeping friends to getting out of your house. I enjoyed the progression from zine one to four, and the growth Sonya has done before my eyes in a few pages.

She has definitely inspired me to try my hand at making a zine, even if no one should ever read it, just for me to chronicle this time in my life. Sonya wrote a blog post on the benefits of writing a zine that’s a must read.

A few of my favorite quotes from One-Girl Bicycle Club:

“Basically, I don’t know how to function as an adult.” Issue 4

“I want to be a maker of things. I don’t want to work under people- I want to work for me…” Issue 3

“…but what if I need two copies of Bitch magazine and a book…” Issue 2

“Feminerdism (that’s a word now)” Issue 1

There are so many more, but I guess you’ll have to pick up your own copy! Also,check out all the rad playlists.

Do you read zines? Write zines? I’d love to check them out, leave a link in the comments.

Also, check Sonya out here:



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