Moodboard: Girl Gang

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This month I want to start a girl gang! Of course it will be super fun and super Kawaii! I’ll be the girl with blue hair, addicted to strawberry Pocky, and carrying a doll in the basket of my cute bicycle.

Do you want to be in my girl gang? What do you think you could do to terrorize the city with cuteness?! What kind of girl gang tattoo would you have? Mine would be a kick ass Hello Kitty one of course!


13 thoughts on “Moodboard: Girl Gang

  1. Can I be the tough girlish one? With of course my red curlie locks, lots of green, knee high socks with knee high lace up boots, and my pup in my Basket with a cute pink Bow collar
    I would have a feather tattoo.

  2. I will so be in your girl gang! I always wish I had friends here to start one with. My tattoo would probably be Sailor Jupiter’s transformation wand.

  3. I would be in your girl gang, toooo! I’d terrorize the city with: hyperness, glitter bombs, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and lots and lots of cute lolita stuff! ^_^ My hair would be bleached blonde, with dark purple tips and I’d wear lots of bright tank tops with cute-tastic hoodies and ripped jeans with big boots! Cute make-up and jewelry would be a most, and Jen by my side, yes yes!

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