Blogosphere Reads


Happy Saturday! We just wrapped up our garage sale, and I could use a nap, shower, and some aloe Vera gel.

Here are a few of my favorite blog posts for you to read while sipping a summery cocktail.

Organizing art supplies in a small space with Kara.

I’m planning on working on my Find Your Voice week 2 tomorrow, have you started? It’s not too late!

There’s going to be a new Sailor Moon Musical. If only I lived in Japan.

Some awesome small biz advice from Twinkie Chan.

Who knew the F bomb could be so inspiring?!

What was your favorite article or blog post this week? Leave me a link, I’d love to check it out!


6 thoughts on “Blogosphere Reads

  1. I really enjoyed that post by Kara. I don’t have NEARLY that many art supplies, but I’d still love a cart like that to store other things–writing supplies and whatnot. Filling it would give me an excuse to get more notebooks. Heheh.

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