30 Days of Lists: Week 1 Round Up

I am really enjoying this project, even though most days I am playing catch up. Here is my first week as a lister:

day 2

About Me: new mom, hot mess, lover of cute, coffee addict, doll maker, instagram addict

day 3

This Year I am going to: open my online shop w/dolls, illustrations and screen prints, finish my book, keep remodeling our house, be the best mom!

day 4

On an Average Day, I : don’t get up til noon, drink coffee, spend too much time on my phone, watch MLP, Bones or Charmed w/Mia

day 5

By the end of the Month I would Like to: have my shop open, finish my knitting project, have some wall art up in Amelia’s room, frame some pictures

day 6

My Talents: procrastinating, making messes, baking, hoarding cute stuff

day 7

in my bag: hand sanitizer, coupons, chapstick, lotion, wallet, ticket :(, lots of receipts, red lipstick

day 8

comfort foods: cupcakes, ice cream, mashed potatoes (made by my husband), starbucks!


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