My Mom Life: Getting Dressed


Before heading to my moms house for the week I had the daunting task of packing. I’m the worst at packing and always bring too much, so I hit up Pinterest for some help. I ended up trying to pack things I could mix and match and were baby toting friendly.

Packing got me thinking about getting dressed daily, and how accomplished I feel as a new mom to put something on other than yoga pants.

Getting into a routine of getting dressed may one day lead to putting on make up and doing my hair. 😉

Sadly I did pack a lot of things I didn’t wear, and I only bought the above sweater (which I wore pretty much all week) but I figure you have to start somewhere.

Here’s to more yoga pant free days! Enjoy a couple of terrible iPhone pics of some outfits worn while I was in San Angelo



Sweater: Pacsun
Tights and tee: hello apparel
Blazer: vintage
Maxi skirt: Pacsun
Acid wash jeans: Pacsun
Saddle shoes: vans
Peep toe flats: Pacsun
Beanie: roxy


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